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For decades the guides and paper maps have brought us around the world, today they are digital and also the distribution system changed

guide PDF, Ebook, Web, APP wants to be the entry point for all those who seek information, inspiration and useful data for destinations and major cities of the world through tourist guides, in all its digital forms, proprietary and not.

In this portal we give space to anyone who wants to promote a destination by making available its downloadable guides (PDF, APP) enticing travelers to visit the place and increase their permanence.


In the digital world this activity is called “conversion”!


To get more people to a tourist destination rather than another allows tourist operators and public administrations (DMO, receptive activities, catering, transport, services, association, APT, etc.) to benefit economically and create new development opportunities. For this reason we invite you to use our free channel for the distribution of your guides.



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WeAGoo was founded as a company specialized in the production of geo-localized points of interest (POI) for web and mobile applications.

Our POIs are used and integrated in many digital applications (apps and Web) as “engagement” in the most varied options. For example: traffic on the site, service of customer care on reservations, utility to customers, territorial promotion.

In addition to the points of interest, WeAGoo produces apps and PDF guides for the promotion of the territory both for third parties and for its distribution channels and through the brand Map2App it offers directly to customers an online platform for your own creation of app, without having to know how to programme and at very competitive prices. Our customers can use our points of interest or upload their own.

For more information and further details click on the dedicated section  “Our products” below.



Our smartGuide and miniGuide are tourist guides in PDF format, easy to  download and accessible by anyone.

Extremely convenient, browsable, collectible (over 100 destinations available), they work offline and are designed to be easily used on tablets and smartphones.

They are generated through a software linked to our WeAGoo database that contains over 1,500 cities and 30,000 geolocalized points of interest.

We are able to produce guides of cities and create specific guides for tour or regions.

The guides are available for free distribution, in co-brand and white label.

Outstanding for DM/Care/communication campaigns etc.


Licensed use of geo-localized POI for integration into apps and Internet sites.

Over 1,500 cities mapped with categorized and geo-localized POI.

Main features are:

Specific format for short info without scroll in smartphones

Name of Attraction/point


GPS coordinates

Full Address

Descriptions of max. 480 characters (= 30 seconds read/speech)

Photo of context for an immediate identification of the place/attraction

Unique ID


Online platform with the Map2App brand, for the creation of APP by yourself

Dedicated to the promotion of destinations

It is you who create your App without knowing how to program

Over 1 million of apps downloaded and generated by our Platform

Perfect for those who need to create apps in the travel industry (tour operators, agencies, DMO)

Simple, fast, economical, professional

Fully customizable layout

Support and advice from qualified personnel

Access and free use of Weagoo POI Database

We’ll take care of publishing your app on Apple Store and Google Play









FREE – Select POIs and create your PDF guide



PAYMENT –  develop iOS/Android APP by yourself



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