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South of the Sorrento peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coast famous throughout the world for its great beauty, so much so that it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name derives from the city of Amalfi, central nucleus not only geographically, but also from a historical point of view. The Costiera is a land where mountains and sea merge perfectly. The mountain, which man’s intense work has been able to adapt over time to the needs of life, plunges vertiginously into a crystal clear sea, creating suggestive inlets, deep fjords, headlands, caves, coves, natural arches and small pebbly beaches, creating an enchanting landscape with sinuous and seductive forms. Even the typical houses of the place, with their warm pastel colors, following the natural slope of the last offshoots of the Lattari Mountains create an extremely picturesque landscape. From the characteristic terraces, made with dry walls, emanate the intense scents of lemon groves, vineyards and brooms, and the bright colors of the buganvillea stand out, which, combined with the smell of saltiness, create a vortex of unique sensory experiences.

Thirteen are the “pearls” of this coast, located along a stretch of road among the most panoramic in the world, able to give strong emotions, pleasant memories and the ardent desire to return as soon as possible.

Vietri sul Mare, the entrance door to the Costa d’ Amalfi coming from Salerno, is famous all over the world for the production of ceramics and for the splendid hilly villages of Albori and Raito; Cetara, a small fishing village with an active trap, has been able to enhance over the years the products linked to fishing, creating appreciated culinary dishes; Maiori, the ancient Reghinna Major, behind the wide seafront promenade and the appearance as a small town hides a very suggestive historical centre, made up of alleys and narrow streets, dominated by the bulk of the castle of San Nicola de thoro Plano to the north and the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare to the west;
 Tramonti, nestled between the green mountains cultivated with grapes, is a mountain village far from the hustle and bustle of the other coastal villages, made of authentic flavours and excellent dairy products; Minori, the ancient Reghinna Minor, with the remains of the Roman Villa Marittima of the I century A.D., the sumptuous Basilica of Santa Trofimena and the tasty handmade pasta, a speciality of the village;
 Atrani, one of the smallest municipalities in Southern Italy, with the picturesque little square and the ancient Church of San Salvatore de’ Birecto (X century) where the official investiture of the Doges of the Ancient Maritime Republic of Amalfi took place; Ravello that, with its breathtaking views, from the top of its 350 meters above sea level, the splendid patrician villas, the Cathedral of San Pantaleone with its architectural treasures, enchanted Boccaccio, Wagner, D. H. over the years. Lawrence, V. Woolf, Gore Vidal, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, J. F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline and many others; Scala, rich of suggestive glimpses and important monuments, has given birth to Friar Gerardo Sasso, founder of the Order of the Knights of Malta, and is the oldest town on the coast;
 Amalfi, the first of the four maritime republics in Italy, with its imposing Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea, preceded by a scenic staircase, the ancient arsenals of the Republic, the Cloister of Paradise and the Paper Museum, where tourists and curious visitors can see how the precious handmade paper was made.; Conca dei Marini, a village overlooking the deep blue sea, with the spectacular Grotta dello Smeraldo, the panoramic Church of San Pancrazio and the austere convent of Santa Rosa, clinging to the rock, where tradition says the first Santa Rosa sfogliatella was made; Furore, also called “the country that does not exist”, with its deep fiord of wild beauty, the murals “en plein air” and the small villages scattered along the slope of the mountain; Praiano, with its fragrant alleys of geraniums, the beach of La Praia, the Saracen towers, the majolica dome of the Church of San Luca Evangelista, the evocative Convent of Santa Maria a Castro and the romantic sunsets admiring the bay of Positano, the Peninsula Sorrentina and the faraglioni of Capri; finally Positano, the worldly pearl with artisan shops of typical sandals and dressed in linen of the famous Positano fashion, the charm of the noble palaces, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the fascinating panorama of the “Li Galli” islands in the background.

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