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Holland, Netherlands
North Holland
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It is no secret that the Dutch cuisine does not offer many typical dishes, at least compared to typical cuisines of other countries, especially Mediterranean. However, its soups, the fresh fish, in particular the ‘ haring ‘, marinated or smoked herrings sold in fish shops and stalls, that we recommend to taste on the spot, are renowned. Also you must not miss out on the sweet and savory omelettes (Pannekoeken), the croquettes with meat or cheese and vegetables. But without a doubt one of the flagships of Dutch gastronomy is cheese. The offer is between about 70 different qualities including Gouda and Edamer. Desserts are also a real experience for palates: the delicious apple tarts (Appeltart); the ‘ siropwaffels ‘, waffles stuffed with sugar syrup; the ‘ hagels ‘; the Poffertjes.


Ingredients: 125 g. of 00 flour; 1 egg; 250 ml. of milk; 10 g. of butter; pinch of salt20 gr of Edamer Cheese and 1 slice of ham x each pannekoeken.


Preparation: Whisk the eggs, incorporate the milk and then, slowly, add the flour to the spoon until a homogeneous and well-blended mixture is obtained. Heat a non-stick frying pan with a teaspoon of butter and pour 1 ladle of the preparation. Move the pan to cover it in a homogeneous way with the dough. Add the other ingredients for the filling, we have chosen cheese and ham but the combinations are endless. Cook for about three minutes then pour another 2 spoonfuls of the mixture over the Pannekoek, then flip and cook it on the other side. Cook for about 4 minutes, or until the Pannekoek is golden. The cooking times are indicative because they can vary depending on the type of cooker and the type of frying pan used. This dish can also be stuffed with sweet products, maybe for a snack or instead of dessert, such as apple slices flavored with cinnamon, chocolate, or marmalade.


Ingredients for about 50 pieces: 70 g. of 00 flour; 70 g of buckwheat flour; 1 egg; 125 ml. of milk; 120 ml. of water; 7 G. of brewer’s yeast; 25 g of melted butter; a sachet of vanilla sugar or vanillin; a pinch of salt.


Preparation: Dissolve the yeast in a couple of spoonfuls of warm milk; mix the flours together and add the yeast, the milk, the egg and the water slowly (you may not need all of it), until you get a thick enough dough that does not easily slide off a spoon but that you doesn’t even cling to it completely. Finish with the melted butter and salt. The dough must be left to rise covered and in a warm place for at least half an hour. For cooking, in the Netherlands, they use a special frying pan with dimples in which to pour the dough, but if you don’t have one you can pour small quantities of dough even in a normal frying pan: the only problem is that the shape of the fritters will probably not be regular and they will puff up only on one side. The Poffertjes should be cooked first on one side and then turned carefully to continue cooking on the other, but without letting them dry too much inside so that they remain soft. They can be served with cream and cherry sauce, with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.


Next to the food we can not forget to mention the inevitable and delicious Dutch beer. Known mainly for its golden lagers, the Netherlands also offers dark lager beers, Bock beers and other recipes made from ancient monasteries. Among the most famous Dutch brewers abroad we remember Heineken, founded in 1863 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken and today the third world brewer, Amstel and Grolsche. For lovers of this beverage a visit to the brewery of Heineken (Stadhouderskade 550-Amsterdam) is a must. In addition to beer, remember to taste the typical “janever”, juniper brandy available in various types also flavored.

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