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Holland, Netherlands
North Holland
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30th April

It is one of the main national holidays that involves the population in the celebration of the Queen Mother’s birthday. This is an uninterrupted party of two days in a row (the parties begin the night before, with outdoor concerts, and clubs and nightclubs that organize parties until late at night). All the Dutch wear the royal color, orange and people pile out into the streets and squares to party, dance, drink. In addition, many flea markets are held in these days: it is common to empty attics and cellars to sell everything that is no longer needed.

Sinterklaas Arrives



5th Dicember

St. Nicholas arrives at the central station by boat to officially sanction the arrival of Christmas. Accompanied by assistants all dressed in black, they distribute sweets to the children until they reach the Dam where the mayor gives him the keys to the city. It was the Dutch who spread the tradition of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) in the world. In the fourth century the Turkish Bishop Nicolao became famous for his attention to the poorest children. According to tradition Saint Nicholas is an old man, dressed in red, and his helpers are Zwarte Piet, a Turkish orphan and the loyal white horse Schimmel. Legend has it that the Saint departs from Spain in November, crossing all of Europe to help the poor and finally bring gifts to the children in Holland on 5th December.



Second Saturday in May

All the thousand windmills of Holland reopen to the public to be visited. In Amsterdam in particular you will find 8 mills that are decorated for visits.



4th and 5th May

On Remembrance for the Fallen of the Second World War Day (May 4th) a commemorative ceremony is held at the National Monument in Dam Square at 20:00 which begins with two minutes of silence observed also from the rest of the city and the country. On Liberation Day (May 5th), concerts and free multicultural events are held at the Museumplein from the afternoon in celebration of freedom. In the evening an open air concert is held on the Amstel River, opposite the Carré Theatre.





Every year, from 1947, performances of theatre, music (from classical to pop), dance, opera, film and all that is quality art are offered. National and international artists, innovative and experimental, perform at the Festival Centre at the Stadsschouwburg in Leidseplein, which also becomes open-air cafè with presentations, debates and parties.



Over 150,000 people meet every year for this fabulous event. Nightclubs in the streets, outdoor theatres, sporting activities, cultural events and programs of all kinds. The most important event is certainly represented by the boat parade on the canals, a sort of carnival in the name of imagination during which a hundred boats decorated for the occasion parade on the canals of the city.



It is an event that marks the official opening of the cultural season in Amsterdam: a series of performances by more or less known artists, concerts, theatrical performances, workshops, all in the open air, mainly at Leidseplein and Museumplein, and in theatres.




This is the annual Cannabis Harvest Festival: 6 days (Melkweg and affiliated CoffeeShops) of events, music and conferences with the purpose of electing the best cannabis of the year. Today the judge’s status is open to the public.

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