The Island of Gods

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Spoken language:
Indonesian, Balinese, English
Indonesian Rupee

Passport: necessary, with a residual validity of at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia.

Entry Visa: Contact the Indonesian Embassy in your country

Power and Sockets:
230 V / 50 Hz - Plug Type C, F e G

Bali is one of the destinations most coveted by tourists from all over the world. A unique, magical and heavenly island that we all dream of discovering. Its charm comes from the thick rain vegetation, the high volcanoes still active, the famous terraced rice fields, the mystical temples that rise immersed in nature and the beautiful blue sea.

A perfect place to relax and detach from the Western world, frenetic and sometimes far too evolved, discovering a land that has been able to maintain contact with nature and with the ancient spirits still venerated and respected today. Bali is also suitable for the most active and adventurous travelers who can try mountaineering, climbing mountains and volcanoes, or surfing, defying the famous Balinese waves, or even plunging into a deep blue sea to discover rich sea beds.

Bali will know how to take a place in your heart by stimulating all your senses.

The scent of the flowers placed along the sidewalks or placed on the altars as an offer to the gods will accompany you throughout your trip. As well as the scent of jasmine rice and incense used in temples.

The infinite range of colors that paints the island will remain imprinted in your mind. You will never be able to count all the green tones present in a rice paddy and you can never get the liveliness of the red, yellow, blue and violet flowers that grow in the forest.

By tasting a traditional meal your taste buds will be stimulated like never before. Meat, fish and vegetables very hot and spicy will make a fire explode in your mouth and then turn it off with the sweet tropical fruits just picked from the plant.

You will discover the language of nature rich in sounds, rustles and verses: the wind that moves the fronds of the trees, the lapping of a stream, the lure of a bird, the screams of alarm of the monkeys. And then plunge into the chaos of the cities where the litany of religious mingles with the noise of traffic and the hustle and bustle of the markets. The song of the roosters and the adhan, the call to the Muslim prayer, will be your morning alarm.

Even the touch will be stimulated every time you slide your hand on the precious fabrics sold in the markets or when you let the fine white sand of the beaches of Bali run through your fingers. You will never forget the little hands of the children on your arm who come up to you intrigued by the color of your skin or the sensation of the sacred water splashed on your face by a wiseman outside the temples. In Bali all are blessed, no matter what your religion or your faith… the Balinese spirits protect everyone.



Bali is one of the many islands of Indonesia. Its area is about 5,561 km² and its capital is Denpasar. It is located just below the equator between the island of Java and the island of Lombok.

The northern part of the island is characterized by a mountainous territory, in fact here you can find the two highest mountains: Mount Agung (3,142 meters) and Mount Batur (1,717 meters). Both are active volcanoes whose eruptions in the past are said to have caused major damage and altered the climate of the area.

The last most catastrophic eruption was that of Mount Agung in 1963 which caused hundreds of deaths and the destruction of many villages and temples. Even the main temple of the city of Besakih was threatened to be swept away by the incandescent lava but, according to Balinese beliefs, was saved miraculously thanks to the intervention of the gods.

The south of the island and the West Coast are instead an alluvial plain crossed by many rivers which dry up completely and then flood in the rainy season. Here the vegetation is lush and tropical. It will be easy to spot the banana and pineapple plants.

Also the flora and fauna that live on the island are varied and rich.

The most common plants are those of tropical fruit and spices, like for example cloves, ginger, vanilla but also the breadfruit tree, coffee plantations, strawberries, pineapple and bananas. The humid climate of Bali promotes the spontaneous growth of the colourful hydrangeas, hibiscus flowers, jasmine and oleander and decorating all the ponds and fountains you will find many different species of water lilies and lotus flowers.

As the flora also the Balinese fauna is very varied: monkeys are kings, especially the Balinese macaque, which you will see not only jumping from one tree to another but also running around without fear through the streets of the villages. Keep in mind, when you come across the monkeys, that they are very intelligent animals that have learned about Man and know many things about us! They know how to open backpacks and bags and know that inside our pockets you can find real treasures. In particular, beware of precious personal effects (watches, glasses, cameras, cell phones, etc.) because they are attracted to shiny objects and their hands are very fast. If unfortunately they get hold of something, don’t run after it because they can become very aggressive.

You can see giant lizards and bats. Instead in the remote part of the island, away from the cities and the influx of tourists, the tigers hide.

It is worth mentioning the aquatic fauna of Bali: snorkeling or scuba diving you can admire the colorful tropical fish, the corals, the crustaceans and if you are lucky also the dolphins and the giant turtles.

It is well known that the turtles are, unfortunately, innocent victims of illegal trade, which leads to their own massacre by some local mafia groups. To stop this massacre on the island of Bali several associations organize events and petitions. In particular, the Bali Sea Turtles Society works with local communities towards the awareness of the importance of the protection of this species. If you also want to help the turtles to live with respect in their environment you can consult the site Sos Sea Turtles and join the many initiatives organized. Or, during your trip to Bali, you can visit the Bali Sea Turtles Society to learn more about the life of these wonderful animals and to contribute concretely to their rescue. We assure you that it will be a very exciting and educational experience for both adults but especially for the little ones.

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