The Island of Gods

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Spoken language:
Indonesian, Balinese, English
Indonesian Rupee

Passport: necessary, with a residual validity of at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia.

Entry Visa: Contact the Indonesian Embassy in your country

Power and Sockets:
230 V / 50 Hz - Plug Type C, F e G

Bali is a place deeply anchored to the tradition and adoration of the gods, spirits and ancestors. Many holidays dating back to previous generations are also felt among the young people who carry on the local rites fervently. If you visit Bali you will definitely come across a sacred ceremony or a national holiday. In this case let yourself be involved in the festivities rich in color and mysticism, you will not regret it!



During this festival they celebrate the death of Mayadenawa, the king of Bali who is said to have been an atheist and therefore prevented praying and worshipping the gods. The Gulangan lasts 10 days and is celebrated every 210 days. The streets and courtyards of the houses are decorated with long bamboo poles on which baskets filled with gifts are supported. It is said that during the festivities the good spirits descend from the sky and participate in the celebration of the festivity.



One of the most important festivals for the Hindu religion and perhaps the most hated by tourists. The Nyepi is the first day of the Hindu year and is commonly called the Day of Silence. It falls between March and April and for 24 hours all shops, restaurants, bars, ports, airports and any activity is closed, you whisper and only if necessary, you can not go to the beach and walk around the cities. This is effective for anyone on the island, so also for tourists who are forced to participate in this party. According to tradition, the day of silence is a way to escape the evil spirits: the Balinese believe that if they are silent throughout the first day of the year the spirits will think that there is no one on the island and then leave them in peace until the year after.



Religious festival repeated every 35 days during which all Balinese families pray to the gods for a long life and for the protection of their family. On this festive day the family temple present in all Balinese homes is decorated with fresh flowers, fragrant incense and food offerings for the good spirits.



During this day all the prayers are dedicated to metal objects: first of all the keris, sacred dagger that all families keep in the house, but also to the cars, the motorcycles and any object of daily use as long as it is of metal. The birth of this ceremony dates back to the dawn of the Balinese Hinduisim when the dagger was the only metal object used in battle and therefore the only weapon of defense for a warrior. Even today the Balinese pray for that object symbol of protection and defense. The ceremony of Tumpek Landep begins with the prayers at the temple of the village at dawn and then continues in the homes.



It is celebrated every 15 days and is the day dedicated to cleansing the mind from bad thoughts. During this holiday all the families first decorate the family temple with scented incense and with fresh flowers of Sangga and then prepare food offers with rice of five different colors, garlic and arak (alcoholic beverage) to be deposited along the house gate to ask the good spirits to protect the family and to give them happiness.



Dewi Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and communication and is celebrated on the last day of the Balinese calendar.



The feast of Ganeh, the Elephant God, is celebrated in Ubud and is very much felt by all the Balinese people. During this day traditional dances and songs are performed and gigantic sculptures of fruit, vegetables, rice, bread and chicken can be donated to the god Ganeh. After the ceremony and the prayers the banquet is divided among all the participants.



Another festivity felt by the Balinese is the one organized in honor of the full moon that takes place every month. This day is considered particularly favourable for plant seeding.

In the days before this event people are busy with preparations: women and children build wreaths of fresh flowers and decorate temples with fragrant offers, while men cook a typical Bali dish of pork. The cities are decorated with yellow fabrics and the statues are also cleaned and draped with clothes dedicated to this festival.

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