The Island of Gods

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Spoken language:
Indonesian, Balinese, English
Indonesian Rupee

Passport: necessary, with a residual validity of at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia.

Entry Visa: Contact the Indonesian Embassy in your country

Power and Sockets:
230 V / 50 Hz - Plug Type C, F e G


Bali was the first country in Asia to start the passion of surfing that is still being fed by the many surfers who choose this island as a destination to practice their favorite sport. The waves coming from the Indian Ocean make it perfect for surfing the southern coasts of Bali and right here you will find the best spots to challenge the sea.

East coast or West coast?

Mola Mola (Moon Fish)

As the Bali surfers would say, if the name of the month (in English) in which you are on the island contains the letter “R” then you have to surf on the east coast, all the other months head west.

With this little trick you will be sure to find the best conditions to practise this exciting water sport.

On site you can easily find rentals that rent out all the equipment you need and, if you are a novice, you may also take private lessons.



Bali is one of the most desirable destinations for scuba divers: in the seas that surround the island you can admire hundreds of species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, sponges and corals and you can discover old shipwrecks sunken on the seabed. The different sea currents of this area create both quiet bays where you can dive in tranquillity and admire the exotic fish and areas with strong current where you can see sharks, mantas and the famous Mola Mola, or Moon Fish.



Even if you are not a sportsman and adventure lover do not miss the opportunity to snorkel. Just rent for a few hours mask and fins (on the island you will easily find kiosks that rent sports equipment) and swim a few meters offshore to admire the beautiful and colorful aquatic fauna. It is not necessary to dive on the seabed in order to catch a glimpse of the colorful tropical fish and if you are lucky even some sea turtles. If you want you can also participate in a boat tour for a day: the crew will take you to the richest areas in fish and provide you with the equipment and advice necessary to live a beautiful Balinese adventure.



As many people already know, the island of Bali is a favorite destination for yoga lovers. It may be the beauty of the heavenly nature, the close contact with the Earth or the spirituality that is breathed, but it seems that here it is impossible to escape the desire to do, or maybe even just try, yoga. Even if you have never practised this discipline, do not preclude the options to experience it. In addition to learning the correct breathing and the most famous positions, you can approach the local culture still very close to the earth and to nature, spirituality and open-mindedness. A yoga lesson in your resort or on the beach during sunset will make your holiday even more relaxing!

Every year between March and April in Ubud the Bali Spirit festival is celebrated: This festival is a mix between yoga, dance and music all in a very engaging and mystical atmosphere.

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