The Island of Gods

Quick Info

Spoken language:
Indonesian, Balinese, English
Indonesian Rupee

Passport: necessary, with a residual validity of at least 6 months from the date of departure from Indonesia.

Entry Visa: Contact the Indonesian Embassy in your country

Power and Sockets:
230 V / 50 Hz - Plug Type C, F e G


For a trip to Bali, as for the rest of Indonesia, you must have your passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of exit from the country. The visa is not necessary if the trip does not exceed 30 days and if it is for tourism. For all other types of travel (including business), you must apply for a specific entry visa at the Indonesian embassy in your country.

For all information we suggest you visit the official site

Water Palace


The local currency is the Indonesian rupee (Rp or IDR) and the current exchange rate is:

1 Euro = 15859.0000 Indonesian Rupee

There are banknotes for 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2000 and 1000 and coins for 1000, 500, 200, 100 rupees. As you have certainly already imagined if you decide to change immediately in local currency all the budget of the holiday you will need a large wallet! Perhaps, both for practical reasons and for personal safety reasons, it is better to change the money a bit at a time and keep your currency in one place and the local currency in another. This way when you open your wallet in a public place you won’t have too much cash for “prying eyes”.

You will be able to change money directly at the airport or in your hotel (with a cheap rate) or you can wait and evaluate the Money Changers distributed throughout the city choosing the best exchange rate.

Another option is to withdraw money from ATM machines, which are easy to find virtually all over the island.



The famous Agung volcano on the island of Bali in recent years has greatly intesyfied its volcanic activity, creating many problems. In some periods the airport of Bali was closed due to the dispersal of ashes in the atmosphere that prevented the planes from flying. Therefore it is advisable to inform yourself before booking the trip by contacting the airlines directly.



To enter Bali tare no compulsory vaccinations, however it is recommended the vaccine against tetanus, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Moreover, especially during the wet season, we recommend a malaria prophylaxis and the use of insecticides to reduce the risk of insect bites. As in other Asian countries it is recommended to drink only water from sealed bottles and not to consume raw meat and vegetables and unpeeled fruit.



Emergency             112

Ambulance             118

Police                     110

Fire Department    113



Bali has a tropical climate, warm all year round (in particular between October and March when you can reach 37/40 degrees) and with two seasons: that of the rains (between November and March) and the relatively dry, during which however you can not exclude short showers in the form of thunderstorms. The most rainy areas of the island are the central ones and the northern ones, while the southern part is the driest one.

Between November and mid May Bali can be grazed by tropical cyclones that rarely bring inconvenience.

The sea temperature is high all year round, perfect for bathing and cooling down on warmer days.

The best time for a holiday in Bali is the one that goes from June to September, especially August.



Bali is located in the UTC time zone + 8, this means that you have to add 6 hours to GMT when the standard time is valid or 5 hours when GMT is in daylight saving time.


The official languages are Balinese and Indonesian, but in addition to them the local population speaks different dialects that differ according to the area and the clan belonging. It will not be difficult to find people who speak English, being Bali now an important tourist destination.


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