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Berlin is located in the heart of the Brandenburg region in the northeast of the German state, just over 100 km from Poland. Perfect synthesis of the two typical souls of modern Germany, tradition and avant-garde, Berlin is considered one of the most vibrant metropolises of the time. Along with the city’s permeated history, with its museums (mainly concentrated on the so-called Islands of Museum) and historical monuments that survived the war or emerged as evidence of past events, we find a city that has developed in every area. In architecture, with numerous modern and contemporary works of art commissioned in the postwar period, in culture, with numerous exhibitions, festivals, theatrical representations and music-related events, both classic and modern, in the cuisine, alongside typical restaurants to always new places with an international flavor, up to accommodations, from the small hostel to the sumptuous hotels, to real modern design buildings.


To spend a few moments with a much less intellectual tone, you can relax in the countless parks such as the Tiergarten, considered the green space of Berlin and located right in the heart of the city, or the Zoo, which hosts animals from all over the world . Shopping lovers, but not only, will be able to indulge in the variety of shops and markets around Berlin. From the most well-stocked shopping center in Germany, the KaDeWe, to emerging designers shops and to the convenience stores, clothes, disks and especially books, mainly in East Berlin. Finally, the night will transform this city, which is home to theaters, clubs and nightclubs. It will delight you with a classical music concert or a jazz evening, strictly live in one of the many Tavern Live Clubs, make you dance with beat rythms born in the world’s most important techno scene, make you spend a delightful evening sipping world-class beer or saying goodnight with a good cup of tea in a retrò style cafè. In other words, this ever-moving city, cradle of ever-new artistic, architectural and musical trends, attracts visitors from all over the world, of every age and social exctraction, able to enter, always and in any case, in the heart of each one of them. The strength that Berlin expresses, the tendency to the future, the grandeur of the story it broadcasts, the eclecticism can not be left out of its recent past: to fully understand the German capital, it is necessary not to forget some of the key points in its history (also the history of the world).

Founded in the 13th century, Berlin has been marked by an important and sometimes tormented history. Few cities have witnessed such radical upheavals as today’s German capital that has crossed history between shining and dark moments. In the eighteenth century, Frederick I of Prussia decreed the unification of the five towns of Berlin, Cölln, Friedrichswerder, Dorotheenstadt and Friedrichstadt, thus forming the capital and royal residence of Berlin and, at the end of the century, the Brandenburg Gate (1791) was officially inaugurated. But more than the past, the recent events, linked to the twentieth century, are the ones that will make the city the most important and will lead to what today is one of the most live, eclectic and interesting metropolis in the world. In 1933 democracy ended in Berlin and throughout Germany with the constitution of the National Socialist Party by Adolf Hitler, who had just come to power. It is worth remembering an event that many documentaries and films have resumed for the instrumentalization that they tried to do: the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. Two years later, in ’38, Berlin became the capital of the Reich of the so-called ” Great Germany “. As we entered into a dark period of recent history, the events that will tragically hit Berlin will come quickly. From the Anglo-American bombing in 1943, to the entrance to the Red Army in 1945, ended with the conquest of Berlin and the resulting yield, in addition to the controversial Hitler suicide. From this moment on, the plan to divide Berlin is prepared: the eastern and western parts will go through two distinct and deep distances from each other. Only in the 1980s the discontent of the popular movement in East Germany grew so much that it could no longer be ignored. The times are ripe, in 1989 the Berlin Wall finally fell, the two realities of the city, east and west, were reunited, even though the process would have been slow and difficult, and so far it has not yet ended. In 2001 Berlin finally re-conquered its dignity as a capital of unified Germany and resumed the road to a new future on its own.

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