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From typical Berlin specialties such as Currywurst, Bulette and Döner to the finest international cuisine, passing through fast food, in Berlin you will certainly find every dish you are looking for. American or French cuisine, Asian dishes or thematic restaurant: the offer is ample. And in the morning you will start the day with the widest offer of breakfasts.

However it is worth having an idea of German cuisine, essentially caloric and rather greasy. The meat dishes, other than the famous Vienna sausage that can also be bought in kiosks along the road, are often made of pork like the Eisbein, cooked in brine, or boiled and accompanied by sauerkraut and sausages or mashed peas and meatballs. Typically from Berlin is the Boulette, a kind of fried meatball, with a garnish of potato salad, which is often accompanied by the Berliner Weisse, a typical type of beer. Note also the potato fritters with apple compote (Kartoffelpuffer), the Berliner Kalbsleber (veal liver seasoned with mashed potatoes, apples and onions) and for the fish the Aal Grun, boiled eel with dill sauce. The beer is undoubtedly the typical drink of Germany and in particular in Berlin you will find the Berlinerweiße. It is a rather sour beer and for this reason it is served in a large glass and with a straw and sweetened with extracts of raspberry, lemon or the Waldmeister based on sweetscented bedstraw.



(Pork shin with Sauerkraut)

Ingredients: 4 pork shins; 3 onions; 2 bay leaves; 10 juniper beans; 10 grains of black pepper; 3 cloves; 1 kg of sauerkraut; 6 juniper beans; 2 onions; 1 sour apple; some dry white wine; 100 g of pork lard.

Preparation: wash and dry the pork shins and place them with the spices in a pot. Pour the boiling water into the pot until the meat is covered. Cook on low heat. The cooking time is variable; the meat is ready if it comes off the bone. Simultaneously heat the lard in another pot. Add the sauerkraut and heat a little, then add the apples and spices, add some wine and cook over low heat. Wait until the liquid has evaporated. Add a little stock from the pork shin.



Ingredients: 6/8 veal sausages (but you can choose the ones you prefer); 1 large onion; 300 ml of tomato sauce and 5 tablespoons of ketchup; extra virgin olive oil; 2 tablespoons Paprika; 3 tablespoons of yellow curry; 1 spoonful of cumin; chips.

Preparation: to prepare the sauce, chop the onion very finely and let it sweat in a pan with extra virgin olive oil, add the paprika. Add the tomato sauce and ketchup and simmer the sauce, adding a glass of warm water. Finally add the cumin and yellow curry. Season with salt, blend everything with an immersion blender and keep the sauce warm. Bring plenty of water to boil in which you have dissolved a tablespoon of curry, dip the frankfurters and boil for about 5 minutes, then drain them and put them to on the hot plate on both sides to brown well. Cut the sausages into round slices about 2 cm thick, dip them with sauce and sprinkle with plenty of curry. Serve hot with fries.



In the Imbiss, kiosks selling hot dogs, kebabs or potato soups you can have a snack or an outdoor lunch. Ovens and bakeries, (Backerei) are present everywhere. Some butchers have diners next to them where you can eat logically meat dishes. Numerous confectioneries Konditorei and Tchibo and Edusco, places where you can order coffee, but without desserts. To eat indoors and comfortably you can sit at the Gasthofe, where they serve local cuisine, or in the Kneipen, trattorias. Having become the symbol of Berlin’s street food, Currywurst also deserved a museum (Schutzenstrasse 70, 10117 Berlin).

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