Is it really the Paris of the East?

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Central Hungary
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Budapest, the capital of Hungary is cut in two by the Danube. On the right bank, immersed in a gentle hilly landscape, lies Buda and Óbuda (the old Buda), where the historical nucleus and most of the signs of the past reside.

Mattia’s Church


On the left bank is located Pest, the largest and flat part, the administrative heart of the capital. The city is divided into 23 districts, administered by their respective councils.

The waters of the river that crosses the city for 28 km embrace some islands among which the most famous Margaret Island (Margitsziget), also known as “The metropolis’ casket”.

In origin a Roman colony, the Romans were the first to enjoy the 123 thermal springs that are in the region, many of which are now public spas.

The town was originally made of three separate and different urban centres: Buda, Obuda and Pest.

Only in 1867 these three nuclei were united and from here we have the real birth from the cities of Budapest, for which a new royal castle was built, which was severely damaged during the Second World War.

In recent decades there has been a significant demographic development and the new city has made great progress. In particular, important public works were carried out, among which the first underground line of the continent.

At the end of the nineteenth century, Budapest was named “The Queen of the Danube”


Its position along the routes between the West and the East favorited it in trade but was also the reason for the many invasions and wars that have been fought in the past. Destroyed many times, it was conquered by the Mongols by the Turks and last by the Habsburgs who dominated it until the end of the Second World War.


St. Stephen Basilica

During the German occupation, about one-third of the 250,000 Jewish-born inhabitants of Budapest lost their lives in the Holocaust.

Despite the huge massacre, Budapest is still the European city with the largest percentage of Jewish population.

From 1945 to 1990 Hungary was part of the Eastern Bloc under the influence of the USSR, although the Hungarians enjoyed a relatively more open system than many other Eastern European nations. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Hungary became a democracy again and Budapest was a major capital of a country now fully capitalist.

Monuments part of the World heritage: on the Buda side some palaces of the area between the Polytechnic and the Chain Bridge, the Gellert Baths, the Statue of Liberty on the Gellert mount and The Citadel, the Buda Palace and the Danubefront until the Margaret Bridge. On the Pest side the parliament, Roosevelt Square, the Academy of Sciences and the Gresham Palace.


Today Budapest is a perfect mix of different cultures that coexist in this city: for example, the very spicy cuisine is an effect of Turkish influence, or the Baroque constructions of the Austro Empire.

In addition, this city offers a religious itinerary, able to enclose several and different religious confessions: in Pest it is possible to make a journey dedicated to the sacred buildings, visiting the Basilica, the parish church of Belváros, the Franciscans Church, the Church of the University, the Evangelical Churches of Deák tér and Kálvin tér, the Serbian church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the synagogue; Buda houses the Matthias Church, and numerous other places of worship are found in the district of Viziváros.

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