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A poorly educated and not very smart person that assumes a not exactly suitable attitude. The origin of this term is not clear, even if it belongs to the tuscan environment. According to some it comes from the male genital organ, according to others from the surname of an old Florentine family, famous for wrong financial investments, and others think that it comes from the key that rule string instruments. If used in a playful and quite colloquial way, it means dumb and sucker. The meaning can vary and it depends on the tone and context in which it is said.

The gesture made or the thing thought by a bischero. It refers to an action thoughtlessly made, with clearly ruinous result.

Fountain of Neptune

The fountain of the god Neptune or “di Biancone”, as the Florentines have renamed it, is in Piazza della Signoria; it was wanted by Cosimo I° de Medici and projected by Baccio Bandinelli. The basin was built between the 1560 and 1575 and has in its center the statue sculpted by Bartolomeo Ammannati. The bronze statues that adorn the fountain (Satyrs, Tritons and Nereids) are works of Giambologna.

The shops of the market of San Lorenzo that were placed below the road level, in a sort of hole (buca, in italian).

A Buhaiolo is an ancient shopkeeper from the “buche”. The carriages with the food passed at lunchtime and called these shopkeepers “Buhaioli…. c’è le paste!”. Another version tells that it is referred to the “bucaioli”, or rather the road men that brought the gravel for filling the holes on the road.

Idle talks, chatters.

It is a term used to indicate the carriage carried by oxen till the Duomo during the Scoppio del Carro, an old Florentine popular manifestation that dates back to the years of the first Crusade.

It is a term used by the Florentines to indicate the carriages. The “fiaccheraio” (cub driver) is one of the most characteristic figure of Florence. In the main squares of the city, you can still find cub men doing their job, which is no more a public service, but an important attraction for the tourists. During the time of the maximum splendor, the “Fiaccheraio” was a typical character of Florence. The “vetturino” (coachman) was considered an important figure in the city and he had a style and personality, of which he was highly proud.

It is a typical rustic dish of Tuscany, made with stale bread wet into cold water and seasoned with vegetables, oil, vinegar, salt and basil.

The “Rificolona”is a traditional Florentine celebration and has organized parades all over the city. The word “rificolona” comes from the ancient term “fierucola”, that means small but important celebration. Its origin goes back to a period before the Twentieth Century, when on the 7th of September all the countrymen headed with a slow march from Vallombrosa and Impruneta hills to Piazza Santissima Annunziata in Florence. They wanted to pay homage to the Virgin ( on the 8th of September) as well as selling their products under the arcade of the “Spedalino degli Innocenti”.


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