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Melbourne is a very beautiful city located in Southeast Australia and is the capital of the State of Victoria and the second largest city in Australia preceded by Sydney with about 4.8 million inhabitants. It is situated on a bay with crystal clear waters, crossed by the Yarra River which is navigable and surrounded by countless parks.

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It was originally inhabited by the Aboriginal people of the Kulins, who had chosen it because of its location along the Yarra River, which provided them with a source of food (fishing and hunting).

Originally called Batmania in honour of the Australian John Batman who founded it in 1835, it was later renamed Melbourne by the then British Prime Minister Lord William Lamb, Viscount of Melbourne.

In Australia, around 1850, there was a great economic boom linked to the search for gold. The State of Victoria becomes an independent colony and more than half a million people move here.
It was at this time that the construction of roads, buildings and parks began in Melbourne and the world’s largest tram network was built.
Melbourne is referred to as “Marvellous Melbourne” or “Paris on the antipodes”.

During these years (1856), the workers of Melbourne successfully protested for 8-hour working days: an achievement that is still appreciated all over the world!

This period of great expansion came to a standstill in 1891, when a serious economic crisis hit the city.
In 1901, however, Melbourne was brought back to life because it had been chosen as the capital of the new federal Australia and would remain so for 26 years, until, in 1927, it was transferred to Canberra, built specifically as a capital to avoid the diatribes between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

The current appearance of the city is strongly influenced by the ethnic mix of Melbourne’s population, which has grown rich thanks to the immigrants and refugees who arrived after World War II (mainly from Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Poland), and the more recent arrivals from Asian countries.
It is the multicultural city par excellence.
All have brought with them cultural characteristics of the country of origin, enriching the city with new architectural styles, restaurants, festivals and entertainment.
It’s also thanks to them that today Melbourne is a globally recognized economic and cultural centre, with a growing population that is heading for big strikes towards its 5 million inhabitants.

The nightlife is very lively.
For lovers of good food, Melbourne offers all kinds of excellent cuisine (Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, etc.).
There are plenty of clubs for nightlife and especially in neighbourhoods such as Fitzroy and Carlton, there are plenty of clubs with live music.

State Library

Many are the festivals and events promoted by the city.
Melbourne is definitely Australia’s most “European” city with a very vibrant cultural life.

In 2017, Melbourne was named the world’s most livable city for the 7th consecutive year by “The Economist”.
It has also been regarded as one of the four most exciting, effervescent and vibrant cities in the world, behind only New York, Porto that won, and Chicago.

A short drive away you can then reach enchanting places: the famous Great Ocean Road, one of the most spectacular roads in the world that leads to visit the famous “12 Apostles”, you can also enjoy fabulous wine in the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley, watch the night parade of penguins Philip Island, relax on the beautiful beaches surrounding the city, surf the amazing waves of Bells Beach (near Torquay) and play the best golf in the world.

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