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Melbourne is a city that offers many cuisines from different countries and mostly of medium-high level. As it is a multicultural city and lover of the beautiful life, there’ s absolutely everything, from Asian to European cuisine, from Middle Eastern to Greek and Mexican cuisine.
Enjoy your meal!

Chin Chin
Thai/Asian/Fusion. It’s very fashionable and they don’t take reservations. Sometimes you have to wait in the queue or at the bar on the lower floor.
Typical dishes: Massaman curry of coconut braised beef w/kipfler potatoes, peanuts & crispy shallots.

Mix and revisit of Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong cuisine. The menu is designed specifically for sharing dishes.
Typical dishes: lobster roll, il gingery sea bream fillet, Moonlight Flat oysters, koji-marinated chicken or chicken and prawn dumplings to dip in chilli and vinegar sauce.

Mix and revisit of Asian cuisine. This too has become a very fashionable restaurant in Melbourne.
Typical dishes: try the pork with smoked chilli and aïoli sauce, the excellent yellow curry duck or mussels and the Moreton Bay bugs that are found only in Australia.

Grossi Fiorentino
Italian Cuisine. The restaurant has several areas, upstairs you can eat more refined Italian cuisine and downstairs more casual even if the standard is really high.
Typical dishes: everything is good, the waiters will tell you which are the specials of the day.

Vieu De Monde
It is on the 55th floor of the Rialto Skyscraper, which was considered the highest in Melbourne until the construction of the Eureka Tower. It is therefore a very refined and expensive restaurant for very special occasions. Reservations required. It’s a truly unique experience.
Typical dishes: also here, listen to the waiters suggestion, but everything will be very special and a truly unique experience for your palate.


Fish restaurant in the “Crown Casino” complex
Typical dishes: oysters, seafood cocktails and their fish and chips.

Restaurant specialized in French cuisine.
Typical dishes: creme’ brule’, Bunnockburn chicken, Wagyu beef.

Italian restaurant that is located within the Gran Casino complex. Excellent quality.
Typical dishes: grilled seafood, agnolotto del Plin, orecchiette with turnip tops and anchovies and, in any case, all kinds of homemade pasta made by Annapaola pastamaker.

Spice Temple
Top-level Chinese cuisine. It is located in the Gran Casino complex.
Typical dishes: dumpling

The Fat Duck
Fine dining, English cuisine revisited. The chef, Heston Blumenthal, has won numerous awards and is a pioneer of multisensory cooking and atypical food accompaniment. Definitely an experience.
Typical dishes: set menu

Colonial Tram
A special experience could be the travelling dinner on the Colonial tram, that is on the tram travelling through the city. You can choose to go for lunch, for an early or a late dinner.


It is part of the South Melbourn Market and an icon! The paella is excellent.
Typical dishes: Paella

A French patisserie hidden in a narrow alley near South Melbourne Market. It was a large warehouse converted into a coffee’-pastry-bakery. A French paradise for the palate, both in terms of desserts and savoury dishes. Very common for brunch. Open only for breakfast and lunch.
Typical dishes: granola with pecan walnuts and cranberries, homemade French brioches with avocate and processed goat cheese, padded baguettes, also a selection of gluten-free products.

Andrew’s Burger
Another Melbourne icon, Andrew’s Hamburger. The restaurant is located in Albert Park village, where you can enjoy a nice atmosphere of the residential districts of the city. A typical New York village atmosphere. They also have a location within the CBD near the Queen Victoria Market.
Typical dishes: Hamburger

Colonial Brewery Co
Brewery with dining options. Suitable also for children as it has a lot of space. Nice atmosphere.
Typical dishes: Beers


Da noi
Italian Restaurant. Chef Pietro is Sardinian, all the products are grown by him on his farm outside Melbourne. Relax in this Italian restaurant in a typical Victorian house and enjoy a wonderful evening.
Typical dishes: Chef Pietro prepares everything for you.

French Fantasies
French confectionery.
Typical dishes: excellent macaroons, cream puffs and stuffed brioches.

France Soir
This French restaurant is an iconic facility in Melbourne.
Typical dishes: steaks, creme’ brule’.

A popular meeting place for the people of Melbourne. Beautiful ambience, good cocktails and beers and also good food. Close to the Botanical gardens.

Woodland House
Unique, elegant and innovative restaurant. Inside a Victorian house with a beautiful garden. It ‘a very special experience especially the menu’ to wine tasting. Not cheap but of excellent quality and for special occasions.
Typical dishes: the menu changes according to the season and the inspiration of the chef.

Rufus Bar

Borsch Vodka adn Tears



D.O.C Espresso
Beautiful Italian bar with the possibility to buy many Italian products from the gastronomy section.

Pizza Doc
This pizzeria has become well known thanks to the fresh ingredients and the authenticity of the environment.
Typical dishes: pizza

Italian restaurant on Lygon street which has been open for several generations and where you can enjoy very good pasta dishes.
Typical dishes: Donnini’s pasta trio

It’s such an established shop in Melbourne that it has expanded and has several stores in the city. This is a pastry bar that offers traditional Italian pastries.
Typical dishes: Biscuits, various pastries, cannoli

If you are looking for a good Italian ice cream here is the place for you.
Typical dishes: ice-cream parlour

A Lebanese restaurant establishment in Melbourne; it feels like eating at Mrs. Abla Amad’s home, who will make you taste the typical dishes of the Lebanese tradition.
Typical dishes: Choose the banquet so you can try everything.


It is a wharehouse converted into an extraordinary laboratory of croissants. The choice is not ‘very wide but the quality’ really exceptional. You can also have coffee. Sometimes you have to queue up and wait patiently.
Typical dishes: croissants.

Jimmy Grants
Famous place to eat quickly excellent Souvlaki of the famous Australian chef George Colombari
Typical dishes: Souvlaki

Naked for Satan
It deserves a visit for the location that takes the breath away. Very cool place.
Typical dishes: tapas

Project Forty Nine
Australian restaurant and also café with a lot of Italian influence. Very fresh products from the countryside (Beechworth). The idea is to rebuild a restaurant and country café in an industrial setting such as Collingwood. They also have a wine bar that offers wines from the Northeast Victoria region.
Typical dishes: depending on the season, different dishes are offered using a maximum of 5 ingredients.

Smith Street Alimentari
It was born as a grocery and delicatessen and is now a bar, restaurant and take away.
Typical dishes: Italian cuisine

Vegie Bar
It’s an institution in Melbourne for lovers of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
Typical dishes: vegetarian cuisine


It is a restaurant built with the highest regard for the environment so that it is called “5 star green restaurant”. Reservation is recommended.
Typical dishes: fish dishes.

Monarch Cake Shop
Historic confectionery of Polish origin. Excellent.
Typical dishes: Chocolate Kooglhoupf

Italian restaurant great for eating a simple but tasty cuisine.
Typical dishes: Let the chef suggest you something but everything is good.

The location of Donovans is really fabulous. Very pleasant environment, magnificent view of the sea, and great food. Better make a reservation.
Typical dishes: The grilled menu is amazing.

Pizza e Birra
This Pizzeria is a bit more further of Auckland street but is located on Fitroy street, a very lively street full of clubs. It is a Neapolitan pizzeria that also offers other dishes than pizza.
Typical dishes: pizza.

Di Stasio
Another city icon. Next to it there is the Bar Di Stasio, where you can start the evening. High quality Italian cuisine.

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