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That of Peruga is a simple cuisine that brings out the taste of the raw ingredients, and like that of the traditional Umbrian cuisine it is based on agricultural products and local farming. The typical bread of the city (as in the rest of the region) is the bread “sciapo” (without salt), similar to the Tuscan and Marche bread. With toasted slices of bread, rubbed with a clove of garlic, a pinch of salt and then seasoned with extra virgin olive oil we have the typical bruschetta. Among the first courses we have the potato gnocchi with a goose sauce, tagliatelle with ragù with chicken giblets and cappelletti in broth, while for seconds, typically from Perugia we have the roasted pigeon stuffed or placed between two slices of bread dipped in egg and fried, spit-roasted pork, and mixed grilled meats. Among the meats we mention the roasted lamb head, or the bullock alla Perugina. The meat is usually cooked on the grill or on the spit, using only some aromas to not spoil the taste and exalt the quality, as in the case of the Palombacci alla Perugina (pigeon), seasoned inside and out only with salt and pepper, and wrapped in slices of ham. The typical desserts are the Torcolo of San Costanzo, characteristic for the festivities of the patron (January 29), and the Ciaramicola, a torcolo with pinkish crumbs and a white meringue crust, typical Easter cake. Typical biscuits for the period of the commemoration of the deceased are the “beans of the dead”, made with almond paste, frappe and struffoli, fried pasta with honey or Alchermes, are typical of carnival. Other typical sweets are the Torciglione and Torta al Testo, also called Ciaccia.



Ingredients: 1 and ½ kg of potatoes; 1 kg goose; 800 gr peeled tomatoes; 1 glass of dry white wine; ½ glass of extra virgin olive oil; carrots; celery; onion; white flour; grated pecorino cheese; a pinch of salt

Preparation: brown the vegetables in a pan with oil and add the pieces of the goose, making them flavor in the sauté. Add the wine, salt and cook for about 1 hour, adding, if necessary, more wine or broth. Pour the drained peeled tomatoes and continue cooking for 30 minutes. When cooked, remove the pieces of the goose and bone the meat mincing it into small pieces, which you will then put in the sauce to flavor. Add salt. Pour the gnocchi in boiling salted water and once cooked relish with the sauce and pecorino.



Ingredients: 8 slices of veal topside or rump (approx. 500 gr.); 70gr. Parma ham; 2 anchovies in salt; 1 chicken liver; 2 tablespoons of capers; halflemon untreated; 2 cloves of garlic; 8 sage leaves; flour; extra virgin olive oil; vinegar, salt and pepper to taste

Preparation: wash the anchovies, bone them, clean them, soak for a few minutes in water and vinegar and dry. Chop the ham, the liver and the garlic separately. Brown the garlic, the ham and the anchovies with a drizzle of oil in a pan over a low heat, and after a few minutes add the grated rind of the lemon, the capers and the liver. Sauté, wet with lemon juice and adjust salt and pepper if necessary. Remove the sauce from the pan and keep it warm. Flour the scallops and cook for a few minutes in the same pan, on both sides with a drizzle of oil. Add the sage leaves and the prepared sauce at this point. Heat for a few minutes and serve.



Ingredients: 600 gr. of flour; 330 ml. of water; 170 Gr. of sugar; 170 Gr. candied cedar; 85 ml. of extra virgin olive oil; 85 Gr. of butter; 170 Gr. of sultanas; 170 Gr. of pine nuts; 1 egg; 
25 Gr. of brewer’s yeast; aniseed seeds.

Preparation: put the flour in a bowl, crumble the yeast and mix it with lukewarm water. Work the pasta for a few minutes, then place the bowl in a warm spot. When the dough has doubled its volume, place it on the counter, even it out slightly with the palm of the hand and mix in the diced candied cedar, raisins, pine nuts, oil, butter, sugar and two tablespoons of aniseed seeds. Work the dough for about ten minutes, then roll it and place it in a buttered cake tin in the shape of a doughnut. Put the tin in a warm place. After three hours the dough will be well leavened. Brown the surface with the egg yolk, and with a pointed knife, slightly round off the dough. Put the cake tin in a hot oven (180 ° C) for 45 minutes.

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