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County Road 4 – Monticiano  

The thermal water flows at a temperature of 43°C from the spring located on the banks of the Farma creek, characterised by its high carbonate and sulphur content. The thermal baths, known since Roman times and mentioned in a oration by Cicero and in an epigraph of Marziale, now offer a new spa complex different from the original one, which has been completely rebuilt with modern architectural lines and natural materials.


Bagni di San Filippo


County Road Badia di Sant’Anna – Montalcino

The Castle of Velona, today a luxury relais, is located in the heart of Renaissance Tuscany. Inside it hosts a thermal spa of 1500 square meters. which makes it a magical and unique place for relaxation and wellness. The Spa is the pride of the structure and here we find two thermal springs with unique therapeutic properties. The water rises at a temperature of 50° and can be defined as hyperthermal; its chemical composition indicates its use for therapeutic purposes.



Piazza delle Sorgenti – San Quirico D’Orcia

Small and charming village, it was born around a spring of thermal waters known and used since Roman times. The characteristic of the village, which has remained practically unchanged over time, is that it has developed around a large pool, fed by thermal springs and bounded on the west side by a large portico. Today Bagno Vignoni is known all over the world for its thermal baths and for its splendid position in the heart of Valdorcia.



Piazza delle Sorgenti – San Quirico D’Orcia

Here Lorenzo the Magnificent and Saint Catherine of Siena loved to retire. Bagno Vignoni is a thermal village already known in Roman times for the benefits of its waters rich in salts, calcium, iron carbonates and sodium sulphates. The famous water pool draws the contours of a square that is unique in the world where a 49° spring of water flows out at a depth of 1000 m. It is no longer possible to dive here. For a real thermal bath you have to enter one of the local establishments.



County Road 34 – San Quirico D’Orcia

An oasis of magical atmospheres, it offers its guests an exclusive holiday of relaxation and wellness. The thermal spring water flows at a temperature of 50°C. It is home to an exclusive, globally recognized Beauty Centre. Here nature and architecture, Mediterranean charm and international luxury blend together in a unique holiday atmosphere of great style. It has: swimming pools with indoor and outdoor thermal water, jacuzzi, waterfall and sauna park.



Piazza delle Sorgenti – San Quirico D’Orcia

Housed in the splendid garden of the renowned Albergo Le Terme, this palace overlooks the water tank that draws the contours of a square that is unique in the world, it rises in harmony with the ancient thermal tradition of the village. The thermal water of this wonderful resort is classified as sulphate, bicarbonate-calcium, magnesia and since ancient times is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, the exclusive wellness center is dedicated to the care and relaxation of the body.



Via San Filippo – Castiglione D’Orcia

The San Filippo Baths owe their origin to the presence of thermal waters with therapeutic properties. It is one of the most spectacular thermal resorts in Tuscany. These waters were already known to the Romans, great admirers of thermal baths as evidenced by archaeological findings. Worth a visit: the Fosso Bianco, for the color that its waters take when mixing with thermal waters, the solidified waterfall “White Whale” and the cave of San Filippo.




Via delle Coste 9 – San Casciano dei Bagni

The best place for free thermal baths is San Casciano dei Bagni. This municipality is in fact a small spa where you can find an infinity of thermal springs: 42, which make the spa complex the third largest in Europe in terms of quantity of water. the source has a temperature of 41°C. The basins are in fact ancient washing tanks fed by hot water and were also known by the Romans so much so that they were one of the favorite places of the emperor Octavian.



County Road 41 – San Casciano dei Bagni

The village of San Casciano dei Bagni, whose waters produce numerous beneficial effects, is renowned for its ancient springs from which thermal waters rich in minerals flow. This complex has numerous thermal pools: two indoor pools dedicated to treatments, one outside and one inside which offers a splendid view of the valley. Four more thermal pools complete the choice. The thermal baths are housed in a historic building.



Via Campo dei Fiori 30 – Sarteano

The Pool Park is considered one of the best in Europe and is identified as a spa for the abundant warm waters that flow from the subsoil and feed the beautiful pools with running water. It is home to the Canalette spring. These waters are sulphurous-alkaline waters that come out at a temperature of about 24°C. These waters are thought to be curative for eye and skin infections and invigorating for the body.



Via delle Rose 12 – Chianciano Terme

The general management of Terme di Chianciano can be found at the above address. The spa centre includes: the Parco Acqua Santa (open all year round), the Parco Fucoli (open from April to October), the Centro Termale Sillene (open all year round), the “Direzione Sanitaria – Centro Inalatorio” (open all year round and located on Viale Roma) and the Salone Sensoriale (located inside the Parco Acqua Santa).



Piazza Martiri Perugini 3 – Chianciano Terme  

La spring emerges from a rocky cave overhung by a hillside; the park, which extends over an area of more than 7 hectares, is divided into paths in the green and includes inside the Nervi Hall, the Fellini Hall, a dance and music area for outdoor music and a boulevard dedicated to shopping. The water is mixed in a large room in the middle of the park. The Sensory Spas are a unique spa wellness centre in Italy based on the criteria of naturopathy.



Piazza G. Marconi 15 – Chianciano Terme

The establishment, built in 1974, stands on the hill where the Etruscans celebrated their rites. The complex is divided into two departments: the department of Fango Balneo Therapy and the Department of Natural Wellness. Here we find the Sillene Water, at 38.5°C, which is used in carbogassic balneotherapy and in the preparation of thermal mud, effective for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and in health and wellness programs.



Viale Pineta – Chianciano Terme

Built between 1967 and 1969, it owes its name to the spring of thermal water that flows here at a temperature of 16.5 degrees. The park covers more than 4 hectares. The younger park is the most beautiful and green park as you will notice from the modern architectural layout; in the centre there is a mixture of Fucoli water: a circular area with a fountain in the centre where water flows out, known for improving digestion. Inside there is an outdoor theatre for two thousand people.



Viale della Libertà 112 – Chianciano Terme

The San Elena Source was founded in 1925. Its oligomineral water, used in the spa park, springs from the ancient chapel of Sant’ Elena. The complex has always been a traditional place of encounter and fun. Every afternoon, in fact, an orchestra plays live for entertaining dancing. The source “produces” diuretic water indicated for kidney calculosis, metabolic disorders and urinary tract diseases.



Via delle Terme, 46 – Montepulciano

The thermal baths are part of the municipal territory of Montepulciano and are located in the nearby hamlet of Sant’ Albino. The spa is first in terms of health and wellness and is welcoming and comfortable. In this place, the beneficial properties of the water, the purity of the air and the peculiarities of the territory merge, giving guests a pleasant experience.



Via Trieste 22 – Rapolano Terme  

Antica Querciolaia, a modern and functional structure recently expanded, is composed of a series of hot thermal water pools. The history of the building tells of an illustrious guest who benefited from the healing properties of the spring: Garibaldi, the hero of the two worlds. The water is sulfuree-bicarbonate-calcium and flows at a temperature of 39-40°C. Inside the complex there is also a modern wellness centre, but the pride and joy are the spa treatments.



Via Amendola 8 – Rapolano Terme

Immersed in a wonderful park of secular plants, the landscape is one of the most beautiful in Tuscany, we find this high level complex that includes a hotel and a wellness and beauty center. The mineral waters of the swimming pools San Giovanni Terme Rapolano flow naturally from the spring at a temperature of 39°C. There are various types of treatments available here: classic and oriental massages, manicures and pedicures, mud baths, whirlpools and sulphurous baths.



County Road 541 – Colle Di Val D’Elsa

Located after the hamlet of Gracciano, they are thermal baths with warm water springs whose therapeutic properties have been known since the Etruscan and Roman times. Destroyed by Sienese troops in 1260, they were partially rebuilt around the middle of 1400. The flooring of the basins, originally made up of mosaics, was partially restored at the end of the 19th century with questionable results. Even today they are still used by the population of Colligiana.



County Road 1 – San Gimignano

Villa San Paolo is a splendid charming resort composed of two villas from 1800 with exclusive services immersed in a secular park. The SPA “Irispa Benessere”, 1000 square meters of pure wellness, relaxation and beauty, offers the most relaxing massages and exclusive treatments: it is one of the best Italian Beauty Farms. Here we find: indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, waterfalls, wetlands, gymnasium, Hammam, Tuscan Aromarium, Saunas, Ice Fountain and Kneipp paths and pools.



County Road 69 – San Gimignano

The Relais Cappuccina is the ideal place to spend a comfortable and relaxing holiday. This beautiful place is home to the Ossidian Wellness Centre, the name of the structure derives from a volcanic glass produced by the rapid cooling of the washes: this mineral is believed to have thaumaturgic powers and to be good luck charms. The centre is equipped with modern areas. Noteworthy is the heated swimming pool located in a cot surrounded by greenery.



Via de Grada – San Gimignano

The Relaxation Space “Via del Benessere” in Torraccia di Chiusi offers unforgettable wellness treatments in the “Nymphaeum” and in the Aromatee. It includes: wellness room with Turkish bath, a romantic forest cottage with therapeutic bathtub, chromotherapy, Ayurvedic and other types of massages, a large Jacuzzi for hydromassage and a wide choice of wellness treatments. Everything has been designed to fit in with the magic of this ancient and beautiful residence.

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