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The Torinese cuisine is rich and elaborated, with deep roots on the territory. It was born in fact from the fusion of a typical rustic cuisine with the refined cuisine of Savoy court. One of the most known recipe is the one for the breadsticks. It is believed that they were invented by the Torinese baker Antonio Brunero. The doctor of the Savoy Court asked him to create a thin and light type of bread for the young duke Vittorio Amedeo, who was ill and lacking in appetite. So Brunero invented the Grissini (breadsticks), called “rubatà” in the Torinese dialect, that means rolled-up because of the technique of their realization. Other fundamental element of the Torinese cuisine is the meat. For example the famous Brasato al Barolo, whose traditional recipe includes an 8-days marinating before the long cooking, and the mixed boiled meat of beef, veal and pork, served with red and green bagnet and grape mustard.Turin is an important European center for the production of chocolate. It was in Turin that, at the end of the XVIII century, was invented the system to make the chocolate solid. The chocolate symbol of the city is the Gianduiotto, invented in 1852. Other Torinese sweets are the cocoa ones, the “baci di dama” (biscuits with chocolate), the macaroon, the liqueur chocolate, the ladyfingers (Savoiardi) and the Becerin del Cavour, a hot drink with coffee, hot chocolate, milk, cream and cocoa, which was loved by the count Camillo Benso.



Ingredients: 100 grams of salted anchovies; 4 garlic cloves; 250 grams of oil; 50 grams of butter; 1 cup of milk; cream; cardoons; carrots; peppers; artichoke; broad-leaved endive; rapes.


Preparation: squeeze the garlic cloves and keep them wet in the milk for two hours. Warm up the oil in an earthenware pot, add the cloves and, with a wooden spoon, render them creamy. Add the desalted and diliscated anchovies, two spoons of cream, a knob of butter and cook everything (without making it boil) by blending it till the melting of the anchovies. Put the pot in the middle of the tables that everyone can dunk his raw vegetables.



BRASATO AL BAROLO (Braised beef with Barolo)

Ingredients: 1 kilogram of meat; 1 bottle of Barolo; half cup of Cognac; 2 onions; 2 carrots; 1/2 of celery; 2 garlic cloves; 3/4 of herbs cloves; 1 piece of pipe; juniper berries; pepper; aromatic herbs; extra-virgin olive oil; butter; coarse and fine salt.

Preparation: Put the meat in an earthenware pot. Cut quite big pieces of onions, carrots and celery and spread them on the meat. Add the aromatic herbs, the herbs cloves, the pipe, the juniper berries, pepper and coarse salt. Wash down at last the Barolo wine. Marinate the meat in the wine for at least half day, putting the pot in a fresh place. Then, drip the vegetables, cut them into smaller pieces and let them become lightly brown in a large painfull with extra-virgin olive oil, butter and aromas. Drain the meat, dry it and let it brown at high heat in the cut vegetables, adding a bit of warmed cognac. At the end, add the marinade gravy, cover the pot with a lid and let it cook at low heat for a couple of hours. Take the vegetables off, beat them up and add the new gravy in the casserole. Cook it for half an hour longer. Serve the braised very hot , with vegetables and polenta on the side.



The district called Quadrilatero has been completely renovated, so that exclusive and trendy clubs, which attract many tourists and Turin’s citizens has been created. The renovation of the industrial area of Fabbrica Carpano led to the creation of Eataly: a place entirly dedicated to the food. Here you can choose between a lot of different restaurants and you can enjoy shopping in the largest market of high quality food of the world. Even the energy has a curious origin: it is made from the shells nut rejected by the Ferrero.

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