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In Roman times, Venice was the name of the North-Eastern region of Italy. After the decline of the Longobards (568), however, it came to denote some of the small urban centres that had formed on the islands of the lagoon between the Adige and Piave rivers. The economic base of these centres was trade between the countries of the Near East and Northern Europe (Germany and Flanders). The city of Venice was capital of the Republic of Venice for over a millennium and, as such, was known as “la Serenissima” (most serene), la Dominante (ruler) and “la Regina dell’Adriatico” (Queen of the Adriatic). These names were in opposition to “la Superba” (superb) or “la Dominante dei Mari” (ruler of the seas), which referred to Genoa, Venice’s main rival and opponent.

Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute

Due to its peculiar features as a city and to its artistic heritage, Venice is universally considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Along with its lagoon, it is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This has  made it the second city in Italy, after Rome, for the number of tourists visiting, particularly from abroad. The city’s boundary includes most of the lagoon, but also extends onto the mainland, comprising the vast metropolitan area around Mestre. The city is spread over 118 small islands, connected by 354 bridges and divided by 177 rii, or small rivers, and canals. Besides being a paradise for modern art lovers, every two years Venice holds one of the most important international exhibitions for contemporary art: the Venice Biennial. In Venice you can visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and Peggy’s house, full of masterpieces by contemporary artists.  Venice provides the ideal setting for classical music and opera, combining perfectly with the harmonies of symphony and chamber music. You can listen to excellent classical music at La Fenice theatre, recently rebuilt, or at the Malibran theatre. Every year the Music Biennial is held, a big international event for contemporary music. Art, great art, the true Venetian art of Carpaccio, Bellini, Giorgione and Titian, of Tintoretto and Veronese, of Tiepolo and Guardi, extends beyond the walls of the museums and churches. It can be found in the changing colours of the waters and tall buildings, in the stonework of the arcades and loggias, in the chimneys above the roofs and in glimpses of figures on the other side of a bridge or street.

The signs of history, deep and poignant, are everywhere: the epic story of a city that was reclaimed from the waters and developed in the shadow of Byzantium, thanks to merchant trading and shipping; the aristocratic Republic that shone in art, politics and culture between the 14th and 16th centuries; Venice in slow, fascinating decline until the end of the Venetian State in 1797, then immersed in the life and problems of the new era – ours. It is this solidity, a mixture of the “atmospheric” and the concrete, that makes a trip to Venice, however short, one of the most rewarding you will ever make in your life. In Venice, people get around on foot, by steamboat or by gondola, one of the many symbols of the lagoon city. The word gondola is first documented in a decree of 1094 and may derive from two Latin terms, one meaning “small boat”, the other meaning “shell”. Or it may derive from a Greek word meaning a “push boat”. The gondolas we see today are the result of slow transformations over the centuries in form, size and finish.

The most extraordinary event by far is the Venice Carnival, which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from every country. For about ten days, the streets are filled with colour, and some astounding masks can be admired. During this period, Venice abounds with music, fun and games.

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