the tourist guide in PDF format by WeAGoo

Our smartGuide and miniGuide are tourist guides in PDF format A5, easily downloaded and consultable by anyone for free.

WeAGoo’s guide in PDF format

Extremely convenient, browsable, collectible (over 100 destinations available), they work offline and are designed to be easily used on tablets and smartphones.

They are generated through a software linked to our WeAGoo database that contains over 1,500 cities and 30,000 geolocalized points of interest. We are able to produce also guides of more cities in one document and create specific guides of tour or regions.

They cover all the Italian provinces, the most important European capitals and have always very positive feedback from the users.

Use our free guides in your business

Guides can be effectively used for lead generator activities and,

through the “As-it-is” program, used for FREE if:

distributed to your followers on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

inserted in websites of  travel booking, tourist promotion and travel blogs

used in promotional campaigns and DM

sent to the email box as a form of customer care of hotels, B&B, apartments, rental cars etc. during the booking process

Our guides are in two formats:

smartGuide, contain quick and essential info, maps, “not to be missed” points of interest (POI)  and links to booking skip line tickets, museums and attractions.

Inside there are the CTA (call to action) that allow the users to book tickets, museums, attractions, bike rental and look for accommodation in hotels, B&B, apartments and villas through selected partners.


miniGuide, are similar to the smartGuide with more information about the city, history, means of transport, recommended itineraries, cuisine, events etc…

As the smartGuide they have the CTA to book tickets and experiences as well as links to the portals of our partners for additional services.


Distribution As-it-is


Free “as it is” distribution of our guides, you can simply request them to insert them into your websites.


What do you earn to distribute them?


Image among your followers, traffic on your site, free product to use in your users’ fidelity programs campaigns.

Producing such a large amount of guides has a huge cost and you can freely enjoy all of them while focusing on your actual business, whatever it is.


What do we earn?


There are useful activities in the guide, such as buying museums tickets, renting a bicycle or surfboard, etc. The partners are selected, reliable, primary and specific to the activities of a traveler. The guide has no advertisements and services that are not relevant to the trip are not offered.

Only in case the reader books from our guide, the partner will recognize us a small “revenue” commission. The customer does not has any additional costs, the prices are the same that they would pay directly to the partner and that small margin will allow us to continue to provide our material for free and continue to produce new guides.

Distribution “CO-BRAND”


Partial customization with the insertion of your Brand/logo on the cover




With your logo on the cover, your customers perceive an added value of what you are providing.

You can use the guides for lead generation campaigns, to increase the traffic on your site, use the guides in your users’ fidelity program campaigns.


How much does it cost?


Depends on how many downloads you can estimate.

If you are a partner with a high distribution potential the guides will be provided to you under a small economic contribution for the logo insertion in all the covers, your custom page and the dedicated download space for tracking of the reporting data that we will provide you, given that the links are permanently present on your website or in the activities of “care” of purchase (e.g. e-mail confirmation of booking, etc.).

Our aim will be to use you as a distribution channel and you will have a branded product to freely distribute.

For different activities, one-shot or targeted campaigns, or if your distribution is not particularly relevant to WeAGoo, we will provide a personal quotation based on the number of guides of your interest and the time of use.

Distribution “WHITE-LABEL”


Customization with the insertion of your Brand/logo on the cover, removal of our partners, insertion of one or more dedicated pages, custom links.


Why do it?


With your logo on the cover, one or more personalized pages inside the guides and links to personalized Internet pages you can provide your customers a high added value.

This type of request is normally indicated for the distribution of guides related to events, where the readers will find indications and all the necessary information inside, or for corporate companies, for tour operators and travel agencies that have large distribution numbers and want to use the custom communications guides.



How much does it cost?


The price is in a biannual/yearly subscription, linked to the number of required guides and the number of customised pages as well as the editing work to be done. Request an estimate


Conditions for white-label

The logo and references to WeAGoo will be deleted from all pages with the exception of an insert, usually the last page, where it will be mentioned that the contents are owned by Weagoo and the licensed for use and the customer code will appear.

Are you a service/product provider and want to be present in our guides?

We pay a lot of attention to the integration of suppliers. They must be of real benefit to the traveler, of primary business, must not be for advertising only and must be global, or the proposed service must cover most of the destinations where we are present.

The supplier must provide the possibility of buying/booking the service/product offered online and have an affiliate plan to offer us.

WeAGoo will receive a percentage on the possible purchase of the service without raising the price of a normal purchase by the users of the service itself, in fact it is an advantage for companies that provide programs of incentives, discounts, bonuses, promos etc. to be included in the guides.

If the service is of general interest and not in contrast with other partners it will be included in all guides excluding those distributed in white-label.

Condition common to all distribution plans

To be able to distribute our own guides it is mandatory that they physically remain  on our servers/hosts. The download must start directly from them and links will be provided (URLs, short and/or anonymous URLs).

This allows us to keep them always up to date and accurate. For no reason it is allowed to download the guides on your server and make the download start from there, except in case of agreed and stipulated conditions by WeAGoo.

WeAGoo should always be informed about the sites/apps where the distribution has been integrated.









FREE – Select POIs and create your PDF guide



PAYMENT –  develop iOS/Android APP by yourself



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