A point of interest is a specific position that someone can find useful

Anyone who works with tourists and travellers knows how important is to provide information about the destination and how much they influence tourists choices

These are information that can be find online but with high production costs due to the time of search, verification and reprocessing of content.

This problem is most felt by companies or projects that need to scale quickly and need coverage of many cities and territories.

WeAGoo in its constantly updating work of mapping points of Interest (POIs) in has a owned database of more than 30,000 points of interest geolocalized collected in over 1,500 cities focusing mainly on Italy and the major European capitals.

Our points have a standard format, the result of a study on the tourists’ behavior in relation to the information provided by smartphones and GPS while visiting a city on foot, by car, on a bicycle or motorbike.

Geo-localized points of interest are divided into categories of historical, naturalistic, urban and cultural information, focused on the place and necessary to the traveler during the visit of the city

You can integrate our information within your digital applications through an annual use license in a fast, economical and, above all, improving scalability and keeping you focused on your business.

Our information in 480 characters, almost a tweet!

The description of a point of interest never exceeds 480 characters. This number is the result of an evaluation and study of the behaviour of a traveller regarding the information on devices equipped with a small screen such as smartphones, GPS navigators and the latest smartwatch.

When read, 480 characters are equivalent to 30 seconds of speech, the attention limit of most users who want to enquire about many points while visiting a city.

A short but accurate information, which does not require annoying scrolls for reading, which deliberately does not want to be exhaustive but a starting point to let you know what to see, where to see it and if necessary to get more details from thematic products.

Accessing information in this format allows an easy integration, in predetermined frames, simplifying the development and integration into third-party applications


  • speed in city coverage
  • A greater attention perceived by your customers’ by providing them  additional information other than those of your own business
  • Standardized information for an easy integration into a default layout
  • Geo-Locating points
  • Categorization of the POI
  • No scroll activity on Smartphone for reading
  • Low license price
  • Providing packages for offline (CSV) and online (API)* operations
  • Purchase of the packages of interest only

* coming soon


  • Name of attraction
  • Address
  • GPS coordinates
  • Category (ex. museums, squares, palaces, parks and gardens, ….)
  • Textual description of max 480 characters
  • Context photos for immediate identification of the place
  • some POI have the url of the website (ex. museums)
  • univocal ID POI for each customer


  • Palaces / Buildings
  • Churches / Religious places
  • Squares / Streets / Places
  • Museums
  • Structures
  • Monuments
  • Theatre
  • Castles
  • Parks / Gardens
  • Amusement Parks
  • Golf Clubs
  • Naturalistic Places
  • Historical Sites
  • Hamlets
  • Stations**
  • Curiosity

** For some cities these are geolocated at ferry stops  (eg. Venice), for the others it is indicated only if the railway stations, airports, ports etc. are relevant. The category “stations” does not intend to provide info on lines, minor stations and bus stops etc.

Subscription forms

The POI are licensed for annual use with advance payment.

They can be purchased by accessing an online selection system

up to 1.150 POI         1,10€ / each POI        1.265 € /year

up to 7.000 POI         0,80€ / each POI        5.600 € /year

illimited access           —                              7.500 € /year

  • Prices do not include VAT

How we procect our data

Each customer is given POIs with an unique ID code that should always be present when viewing information within your integration.

WeAGoo also adopts a system of random editing of some texts, punctuation and characters present in the given POI. They are unique and associated to each individual customer. WeAGoo is the only one to know this information

click on picture to see a demo

Example of Point Of Interest

(POIs) integration


In this case the points were inserted within an HTML5 application generated with our platform map2app.

You can see  the points on the map, filter them by category, access information in both reading and audio.

The application also allows you to select your Favorites and calculate the route with related information.

Using our POI means to scale your business quickly, they are perfect when integrated into the APP or Internet sites of territorial promotion as well as hotels, restaurants, Property Manager, Car rental, Service etc..











FREE – Select POIs and create your PDF guide



PAYMENT –  develop iOS/Android APP by yourself



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