The TRAVELApp provide you everything you need when you’re discovering a city

WeAGoo in addition to PDF guides produces also TRAVELApp, free on Google Play and Apple Store

Our TRAVELAPP are made using our points of interest (POIs), the contents of our PDF guides and our automatic APP generation platform:

Add many other useful information to this, such as the purchase of tickets for museums and exhibitions, the online booking of tours and experiences, the rental of sports equipment and bicycles, the search for the best accommodation or apartment, the receiving push notifications for last minute offers or news, all dressed with beautiful graphics and equipped with all the geo-localization technology that only apps can provide you

When we thought about what the tourists actually needed while visiting a city we wondered what we wanted to find in an APP


The TRAVELAPP are realized following parameters and guidelines:

  • More in-depth information about the city such as history, neighborhoods, useful numbers and services
  • Fairly short descriptions of points of interest that can be read while walking through the streets of a city. Our content of points of interest never exceeds the 30 seconds of reading and must be entirely visible on a screen without scrolling.
  • Being able to see on the map only the things of our interest, filtering them by categories.
  • Allow us to be geolocated and see the points close to us so we don’t miss some attraction along our itinerary
  • A navigation function, both on foot and by car and by public transport, that leads us directly to the selected point of interest
  • The possibility to select only the things to see in a day
  • Narrative audio function, so we don’t have to keep our smartphone in our hands but can listen with earphones
  • Suggest the best tours or experiences to be done, check the price and availability and book or buy directly online for the same day or during our stay

These are our apps, if you think that they are useful and do what you need, you can download them, share them with your friends and they are totally free


FREE for Android and iOS

Our apps are rich of contents and offer everything that geo-localization technology and interactivity make available

What you will find in our App

  • Online Shopping Experiences: tours, shows, activities and sports/adventure events, culinary activities etc.
  • Information about the city: history, neighborhoods, climate, currency, useful and emergency numbers and addresses, electricity, documents etc…
  • To be seen and lived: Ticket & Tours available online, hundreds of geo-localized points of interest sorted by category (eg. squares and streets, museums, parks, monuments, religious sites, structures, monuments, historical places, etc.) The app also shows the distance from where you are.
  • Curiosities: Curious facts, anecdotes about the city or famous people
  • Suggested itineraries: Pre-established itineraries, explained point by point
  • Outdoor trips: Tips on interesting destinations close to the city
  • What to do: events, markets, in the evening, with children, during Christmas and New Year etc.
  • The food: recipes and typical dishes, in some cases also places such as markets or restaurants where you can eat.
  • Where to sleep: the areas where you can stay, search and compare hotels or apartments with the possibility of booking online

What you can do with our App

  • See the distance between you and the points of interest close to you
  • See the points of interest distributed on the map
  • Filter the results according to your preferences
  • Save and show only the points of your interest
  • Enable navigation by car, on foot or by public transport
  • Search for texts or information within the app
  • See pictures from the photo gallery
  • Listen to voice content*
  • With SelfieTime you can send and share photos with geolocalized information on your social networks, WHATSAPP, Email, etc.
  • Get real-time weather information and 5-day forecasts

*Function not available in all guides and for all information contained



Map2app is a quick and easy tool that will allow you to create mobile applications related to the promotion of the territory or a commercial activity in full autonomy for Iphone, Android and HTML5 devices. Creating an application has never been easier! You don’t need to have any technical expertise, just follow a simple guide and in a few hours you will have a professional tourist application!

No technical expertise is required to build your app. The platform is designed for publishers, not for engineers!

To start creating your application you need only a quality content, a beautiful destination to promote (such as city, a festival, a museum a catalog of recipes,… anything!) and all your imagination!

In a few hours you will be able to create a professional application for IPhone, Android and HTML5 compatible devices.











FREE – Select POIs and create your PDF guide



PAYMENT –  develop iOS/Android APP by yourself



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