Write and earn with us

If you are a tourist guide, either you do it for passion or it is your job…..

“Write and Earn” is a project designed to create together a guide of a destination and to share the profit.

Who knows the city and the territory where they carry out their activities better than a tour guide? Places, anecdotes, history, local culture, the most interesting itineraries, the typical dishes of the local cuisine, the events, all things that they tell to a restricted number of people. We want to broaden your knowledge to as many travellers as possible without compromising your onsite business.

How does it work?

guide.weagoo.com is a portal targeted at travelers who need useful information and seek a guide online to download and take with them while visiting the city or a tour. Our goal is to exponentially broaden the database of destinations with guides and become a reference portal for travellers. The guides produced with the project “Write and Earn” will become part of the collection of the over 100 already produced.

If you are a tourist guide and you would like to write a guide that can be downloaded by thousands of users, then the project “Write and Earn” is for you!

The guide.weagoo.com portal will give you the possibility to make your guide more visible, downloadable and easy to share, but not only that: the guide will have your biography  and your references inside to increase the possibility of contacts for those looking for a local guide. You will be the only one to be available.


How can we earn together?

Within the guide and on the internet pages of the individual cities/destinations/tours will be included CTA (call to Action) for the purchase of tickets, visits, experiences, concerts, tours, hotels, apartments etc. When a user buys through a CTA in the city’s Guide or Internet page, WeAGoo will receive a percentage earning applied on the purchase amount. Of this revenue up to 40% will be returned to those who wrote the contents of the cities helping us to create the guide. We will keep 60% to cover the costs of the technological infrastructure, the editing of the guide, the eventual production of apps, distribution, marketing, review, etc.

The format is specific but the storytellers will be you.

click to download the guide

All the guides will be in PDF format and downloadable on smartphones, tablets. The layout, the graphics and the production will be edited by WeAGoo, the contents and the photos will be yours. We have set guidelines to allow the reader to get used to a precise format, improving its use. You will see a sample guide here and if the destination was of particular interest for us we might decide to do an App as well. We will only choose a tourist guide/writer for a single city of which a guide has not  been produced yet, this will allow us to distribute the cashed amount only to our partner and the writer will have the task of keeping the content up to date. (e.g. changes on the price of the train ticket, new underground station, opening of a new museum, etc.). Each employee will be responsible for the contents of a city or territory.


Why should you do that?

  • Because you are an expert of your city, you like to write and tell and want to benefit from a new channel to get acquainted with potential customers (earning money too!)
  • Because you think that a free guide, rich in interesting and well-written content, can inspire possible travelers to visit your city.
  • Because the guide.weagoo.com platform will become a meeting place among travelers, who seek information on destinations, and professionals in the tourism sector who can provide useful advice and services. Here you can intercept many new potential customers.
  • Because it does not interfere with your local work. The description of the points of interest has up to 480 characters, you can provide and tell more details and anecdotes to groups of visitors who, intrigued by your story, will want to have you as a speaking guide.
  • Because it allows you to become the expert of a specific city by introducing you and allowing tourists to contact you directly and exclusively: you will be the only contact person for that destination, so no competition!
  • Because it will make you earn on the purchase of activities and services: a new source of income for you in addition to your work!

When will the “Write and Earn” project start?

This project started on December 4, 2017. Do not miss this opportunity and get ahead!

Contact us, we will be happy to work with you and provide you with all the details.

Write to us using the “Distribution guides and partnerships” form from the contacts.

If you have a website, a social network page or a blog where you have already written something indicate it in the form, it will be easier for us to choose the most suitable guide/writer.

Remember, we’ll choose only one for a single city whose guide has not  been produced yet.









FREE – Select POIs and create your PDF guide



PAYMENT –  develop iOS/Android APP by yourself



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